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Comprehensive Sexual Health Educator



Carlie McPhee (she/they) BKin. GCSH, is a trained and experienced sexual health educator who provides comprehensive sexual health education for high school youth, youth with diverse abilities and professional development for service providers.
Comprehensive Sexual Health Education is a human right. Everyone deserves to understand their body, relationships and experiences. That's why Carlie does the Whole SHEbang when it comes to Sex Ed. Comprehensive Sexual Health Education is an evidence based framework that results in positive sexual health outcomes for all!


Carlie provides best practice comprehensive sexual health education in school and community settings to youth of various abilities to meet their needs. Carlie works with service providers such as teachers, coaches and health care providers to empower them to tackle sexual health topics with care, confidence and accuracy. All programming is rooted in evidence based research, sound educational theory, personal and community safety, and celebrates diversity and inclusion of all identities.

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Do you have a group of youth needing sexual health education (gr 7+)? Carlie can cover topics such as puberty, healthy relationships, consent, safer sex, pregnancy, sexual decision making, media literacy and more! Carlie can work with you to meet curriculum or program objectives.

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Are you a teacher new to teaching sexuality education? Are you a health care provider working with youth and young adults? Does your team need a refresher? Book a professional inservice tailored to your needs, allowing you to provide care that is safe, informative and accurate.

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Need Carlie to speak at your conference, on your podcast or at your event? Book a consultation.

Visit the services page to learn more about our offerings. All session requests will be provided a unique quote, based on your needs. Not sure what you need? Request a free consultation by completing the booking form.


Don’t Take My Word for It!

"That was the single best workshop I have ever seen for grade 11s. They are actually getting real skills for how to build healthy relationships and make their own decisions. Thank you so much."

Grade 11 Teacher, Spring 2023

"I was expecting to laugh through the whole thing and roll my eyes because queer people are always left out, but you actually included us and I learned so much."

Grade 9 Student, Winter 2023

"I am shocked how engaged my class was. Your approach is amazing, and I never would have thought of how to tackle this topic like you did."

-Grade 9 Teacher, Spring 2022

"My favourite part was the whole class, because I learned A LOT!"

-Grade 10 Student, Spring 2022

"Thank you for your presentation for the Surrey School District  - your presentation was so helpful and inspiring and has already been so useful in our school's puberty and sexual health unit this year :)"

 Teacher, Spring 2022

"You raise some excellent points, and were so clear. It is obvious you are passionate about healthy sexuality and have done your homework!"

-Podcast Listener, Winter 2021

"Thanks for coming to tell us all this. I learned so much. It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be."

-Grade 9 Student, Fall 2019

"I can't believe this was never covered in my education degree!! I feel so much more prepared to teach the sexuality unit, and will think more about how I set up the classroom! Glad I have a place to find answers to their questions too! Thank you!"

-Teacher, Spring 2018


Vancouver, BC

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