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Carlie’s wealth of expertise and well-regarded curriculum is here for you, no matter your price point and needs. We offer a suite of education resources, workshops and tools to equip your students with the information, motivation and behavioural skills to foster lifelong health, affirming relationships and joy lifelong. Whether you’re looking for something to support teenagers, to enhance your own skills as a parent or professional, or have a group with specific needs, we have something just for you!


All programming is rooted in evidence based research, sound educational theory, community safety, and celebrates diversity and inclusion of all identities. At The Whole SHEbang, all content aligns with the Canadian Guidelines for Sexual Health Education, and are designed to meet curriculum objectives across the country.

Cost is provided upon request according to needs and population. To book a session, complete the booking form and receive your unique session quote. Please note, travel outside of the LML will include standard per diem & travel fees.


⚙️Knuts & Bolts🔩  the classroom teacher’s sidekick!

A set of lessons that can be used in any classroom and led by any teacher, with Carlie as your sidekick. This will take your sex ed unit from 1 hour to 5 hours with NO extra work from you J and is ready to go whenever your class has time.

  • 6 x 30-minute lessons – 1 short video, one teacher guide sheet and one interactive activity per lesson.

  • Cover all curriculum objectives in BC and Alberta at each grade level.

  • Utilize Evidence-based approaches to foster skill development students can’t get from a presentation.

  • Includes current, relevant topics that teens have helped us develop for any classroom.

  • Affordable flat-rate pricing per month, no matter how many students you have.


👟The Run Down👟 Carlie’s classic workshops you know and love!

Let Carlie do the heavy lifting on all things sex-ed. Her years of experience and thousands of real students have informed these high-power workshops to meet all your sex ed curriculum objectives and empower students to know what to expect from their experiences.

  • 75-minute-3 hours workshops – flexible to your school timetable.

  • Dedicated question-box time for each group

  • Max 70 students per workshop.

  • Multiple time-slots on same day is encouraged.


💣 The Whole Shebang! 💥 Access the full suite of school-aged resources, AND a secret surprise!

You can never give teens too much sexual health education. With social media and online life, our curriculum has DOUBLED in the last few years, so this option means students will have access to EVERY piece of information we have to support their wellbeing, skill development and comfort with all things sexual and emotional health.

  • Full school year access to the knuts & bolts lessons + 4 bonus lessons to boost social and emotional learning outcomes.

  • Full school workshops for grade 8-12 delivered by Carlie.

  • A parent information session.

  • A special secret weapon for your students.

  • Dedicated live Q&A time with Carlie throughout the school year for extra staff support.

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Are you a teacher new to teaching sexuality education? Are you a health care provider working with youth and young adults? Book a professional inservice tailored to your needs, allowing you to provide care that is safe, informative and accurate.

Common topics: 

  • Introduction to teaching sex ed 

  • Providing sex ed to youth with complex needs 

  • Providing affirming 2S/LGBTQ+ sex ed 

  • Tackling sex ed and media literacy - how to address online life for teens. 

Pricing is informed by group needs, social passport, time and participants. 

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Sometimes we need some individual skill building. Carlie can offer personalized coaching sessions for those with special needs. Sessions can include dating and relationship skill building, healthy self care, or developing healthy boundaries. These sessions are available by request, and require a consultation.

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Those with diverse abilities may face additional considerations navigating puberty, boundaries, privacy, crushes and dating. I am here to help. I provide tailored sessions for youth in groups and for parents and other caring adults providing support. Opt for standard workshops, or request a session according to your needs.

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